Bronze Star
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Full Color – 64 pages – square-bound, softcover

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THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD OUT– grab the variant cover B edition here while supplies last. Cover A is still available in limited quantities in the autograph bundle for Cover A. There are also some Cover B autograph bundles availabnle while supplies last! The premium hardcover artist’s edition is still available here, and BRONZE STAR will always be available for download digitally here

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Bronze Star – a frightening tale of a civil war vet who kills a powerful land owner’s spoiled son after catching him cheating in a poker game. An angry posse soon forces him to flee to a remote mining town where he discovers that the town’s sheriff is afflicted with lycanthropy, but this sheriff isn’t the only supernatural danger lurking in this mining town…

A 64-page, two-fisted tale featuring Lovecraftian creatures, blazing guns, and spurting blood!

Written by Mike Baron
Illustrated by Pat Broderick
Colors by Robb Epps
Letters by Carlos M. Manguel


“I have no doubt that Bronze Star by Baron and Broderick will go down in history as the greatest western graphic novel ever penned and drawn. Every panel, every bullet jumps right off the page and into eternity.” Peter Brandvold

“This is a great story… Mike Baron knows how to write dialogue and Pat Broderick’s art is so good and fits the story magnificently. I love this comic. I was so happy to have read this – 5 out of 5, a masterpiece.” Ethan Van Sciver

“Bronze Star by Mike Baron and Pat Broderick is a weird western thriller with a compelling story that mixes the grimness of the era with simply stunning artwork. There is humanity mixed with horror. Highly recommend.” Tony Isabella

“It’s a really good tale. It’s rugged. It’s manly. Authentic. Really worth your time.” Dad’s Den of Pop Culture

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