Bronze Star
Cover B


Full Color – 64 pages – square-bound, softcover
Proudly printed in the USA!

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Bronze Star – a frightening tale of a civil war vet who kills a powerful land owner’s spoiled son after catching him cheating in a poker game. An angry posse soon forces him to flee to a remote mining town where he discovers that the town’s sheriff is afflicted with lycanthropy, but this sheriff isn’t the only supernatural danger lurking in this mining town…

A 64-page, two-fisted tale featuring Lovecraftian creatures, blazing guns, and spurting blood!

Written by Mike Baron
Illustrated by Pat Broderick
Colors by Robb Epps
Letters by Carlos M. Manguel

“It’s a really good tale. It’s rugged. It’s manly. Authentic. Really worth your time.” Dad’s Den of Pop Culture

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